Beautiful Mind, Or Beautiful Mess

Everything works out for they guy in the movie, A Beautiful Mind…..right? Or, maybe I’m thinking of the Jason Mraz song, A Beautiful Mess?

Well, at least after tonight my ideas are a little less of a mess in my head, but more of a mess on my living room floor.

For about the last week I have been writing down any ideas I have had, or others have shared with me, around building out on index cards. I recently realized I want it to be a resource for golf professionals wanting to learn how to use new (social) media platforms to achieve their goals.

Tonight I started laying those ideas out, looking for similar thoughts and grouping them together. The main batch of cards on the left half of the first picture is mostly content ideas while the right side is a collection of anything from random, quotes to ideas to add a page of books I have been reading lately, and even a reminder not to forget to send a post to someone.

I included a coupe examples of cards that could later be turned into a video, an article or even part of a future talk. Are there any ideas you think should be on one of these cards?

Asking “How Was Your Round?” Can Cost You

We all do it as golf professionals. We see a member walk into the golf shop after their round and the words just come out. “How was it out there?” You say. All of a sudden, the memories of shot by shot accounts of other members 94’s come flooding back, and you panic. Like a game of Russian Roulette you just hope for a quick “Great day! Course is playing awesome!” or “Well, we had fun.” Anything but the dreaded “You won’t believe the round I just had. So, on Number 1 tee……..”

Regardless of the response, do either people in this exchange gain anything? Sure, they feel a little better that you took the time to listen to them. And, you have some insights into their game and how the course may be playing. But, is the relationship with you and the club strengthened at all? After all, we all ask the same question. What’s the difference if we ask it or another pro down the road?

Getting to know our member is important, but many of our hurried interactions during the season aren’t conducive to deeper dives into who they are as a person. And, when the winter comes we will go months without seeing them at all.

This area of member engagement is one of the most overlooked benefits that social media platforms offer a golf professional. Imagine having a window into many of your members lives outside of the club. Like, seeing their daughter just got her Black Belt in Karate or that their wife just landed a big promotion at work.

Social Media Tip

I recommend a platform like Instagram for this type of member engagement. You can find your members by searching their name, or by searching the followers of your club account (another great reason to create a club account), and view their profile.

Stay out of the “News Feed” of posts you get served when you log in to your account. I prefer to go into each persons account, where you can learn a little from their bio and also see all their posts in one place. You have a much better chance of remembering something about someone if you aren’t jumping from person to person.

Now let’s revisit that post round interaction. And let’s say this time we saw on social media the example of the wife getting a big promotion at work. Now rather than ask how the round was you can say,

“Hey Jimmy! I trust you guys had fun out there today. I saw online your wife Jane got that big promotion. Please give her my congratulations if I don’t see her this weekend. Actually, it sounds like she’s going to be really busy with the new gig and it may be awhile before we see her here at the club. Why don’t you come out for Sunday breakfast tomorrow with the family? It’s on me. I’d love to wish Jane congratulations myself if you can make it?”

You can tell Jimmy is pretty impressed as he graciously accepts the offer with a hand shake and a “Thank you. That means a lot and we will be there!”

What you couldn’t tell, is that Jimmy and his wife, Jane, had planned on celebrating the promotion by looking at new homes across town in that new golf community. Plans that they later canceled, during the breakfast you invited them to, because you had something to say, because you were paying attention.

Your Feedback at Work Improving Episode 3

When I first started doing a lot of these videos I tried to script the whole thing out. That didn’t work because it wasn’t natural and……. because I never quite progressed passed my crippling fear of reading out loud that developed somewhere around, as long as I can remember.

Then I decided, “Let’s just wing the whole thing and I will edit out what I don’t want.” The problem is, I have a pretty amazing talent for being able to talk for minutes on end often without making a single cohesive point. The challenge in editing down content that is 90% garbage, is that you never end up with the 10% that is left making any sense.

So, for this episode I decided to break things up into points I wanted to make, so I would be sure to finish them before moving onto the next. This allowed me the freedom to make a mistake, and just start that section over without having to start at the beginning again. It also helped keep my diversions and ramblings very small. And when you only need to cut out 10% of each section, the structure doesn’t collapse.

It’s a long way from perfect, but this was a great step forward for me.

So please keep the feedback coming. It’s really helpful in not just giving me new ideas but in helping me talk though ideas with the very people I am trying to reach and impact.

I should have the episode up in the next few days so please let me know what you think. And if you like these updates from the blog, please consider signing up to get updates.

Finding My Focus

48 hours ago I was pretty sure I was not going to post my most recent podcast episode titled, “Why Golf Professionals Hate Social Media”. After some encouragement I decided I would post it. That ended up being a good decision.

For years, I have been creating content with no real agenda other than to educate myself on new media landscape and then report back to whatever portion of the golf professional community that would listen.

It wasn’t until recently that this journey took on a semi-crystalized, let’s call it sparkly goo, form of an idea.

It happened when I made the connection between being a golf instructor and trying to teach someone how to use new media for business or personal growth. I realized that to make an impact, you have to know what is important to each given golf professional you work with. You have to know the type of facility they work at, the type of pro they are, the ambitions they have personally and professional, and general strengths and talents that they possess.

With this new perspective, I hope to teach. I hope that given my experiences as a PGA Director of Golf, Instructor, Merchandiser and many other roles I have had over my nearly 30 golf professional journey, I am able to communicate the opportunities for golf professionals to use new tools at their disposal without having to learn too many new things and keep focusing being a golf professional.

Just like the game of golf, new media and technology should make our lives easier. So whether you are trying to get that first assistants job out of school, or tying to land that GM spot at a top 100 facility, this is for you.

To stay up to date on the latest, be sure to drop your email into this website for exclusive content, subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on IG and Snap @PGAjay.

Why Golf Professionals Hate Social Media

Today I posted this Season 1 Episode 2 of the PGAjay show.

(I am calling this new series of videos Season 2 so that I don’t have to figure out what episode I was on when I did this a few years ago)

I wasn’t sure I was going to post it after watching it through the day after I recorded it. It’s long and a lot of it is just me trying to figure out exactly what I am trying to say without exactly saying it……Though I should be used to that by now. So I posted on Instagram Stories that I wasn’t sure if I would post it or try to redo it. I left it that I would sleep on it and decide in the next 24 hours

In the morning I had a couple of encouraging messages from people saying I should just post it and share that part of the creative process with people. And I think that’s right for now. I think I have a good idea of what I want to do with my content right now and I just have to keep moving forward. And those comments helped me do that, so thank you.

My hope is that I can take what I know about these new platforms and use my experience as a Golf Professional to find and share ways pros can amplify what they already do to accomplish objectives. It’s even hard to write it out in a sentence let alone actually doing it.

How Should Golf Professionals Use Social Media?

Well that’s a lot longer answer if I don’t know what you need it for.

Do you walk up to your students on at your first lesson and start rattling off everything they need to do to use the golf club correctly? Of course not. You get to know them, you listen, you learn, and gain some understanding of what their goals are, how long they have been playing, the status of their game. Not until you understand these things as a coach can you effectively create a plan for improvement.

It’s the same thing with social media and golf professionals. If you have spent any time working for different clubs and different pros, you know how different each one really is. Each golf professional with different goals and aspirations for their clubs, themselves and their staff. Until we understand exactly what each person is trying to accomplish we can’t provide an efficient solution.

I share more about this in this video and that will be followed by my upcoming podcast but I wanted to try to post more of these thoughts here on my site.

The First PGAjay Podcast Video

I’ve done videos before….I’ve done podcasts before….. but I have never done a video of a podcast before…… Until Today!

I decided to record a video of the podcast today, for a couple reasons. One, I wanted to add more content to my YouTube Channel since I have started making some VLOGs again and wanted to add some professional content. Two, I feel like it’s a little easier to discover on YouTube than podcast. While podcasts are increasingly more popular every year, YouTube is still a great place for discovery and is like the number 2 search engine online.

This content does take much much longer than just publishing the audio on the app but I think the extra effort may encourage me to spend more time to make it good.

It has also been some time since posting to my website, and I hope to update that more often with many of these posts and maybe some additional thoughts along the way.

In my last Podcast, I cover future changes to the PGA PGM Program, including three new career paths?

(Click 👇 below to listen free)

I think that announcing the topic beforehand and getting your insights was a huge help to making this episode better. I also feel like the show had a little more structure to it and was hopefully easier to follow. It’s funny how it doesn’t seem hard to do a podcast but 61 episodes later I feel like it’s just starting to come together. And having you all be involved in it is a big help. It made me feel more confident that what I was talking about was relevant to your experiences.

I’m thinking he next one will be on how to get the most out of your experiences as an intern (or non-intern) this summer since so many of you are starting those up. So let know a little about what you are doing this summer and what you hope to get out of it personally and professionally. It will be around growth in general so it won’t be limited to just University PGM students so that everyone gets some value from it.

Thanks as always for the support everyone. It really does mean a lot and I appreciate it. 👊—PGA-Announces-New-Career-Paths-and-Education-Updates-e1dfj9

How to Monitor Pace of Play by Time

Here is the Pace of Play sheet I created for you so you can start monitoring pace of play by time at your course. I have also included a tutorial video (up soon) on how to customize this sheet for your facility based on first tee time, tee time interval and desired pace of play.

PGAjay LeDuc Pace of Play Sheet