How Golf Pros can Network on Instagram

“How Golf Professionals Can Use Instagram To Network” is my first tutorial video on helping Golf Professionals achieve their goals and increase their value in a competitive market.

Instagram is just one of the tools PGA Golf Professionals, and aspiring PGA Professionals, can use to increase their network and grow their business. It’s not a replacement for growing the game through one on one interaction, but a way to broaden our reach and strengthen our relationships with our members and customers.

In this video I show how searching “hashtags” on Instagram around areas of golf that interest you can lead to conversations, friendships and future opportunities in golf and the business of golf. I look forward to making more videos like this from your comments, questions and feedback. Let me know what you would like to see with comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more valuable videos to come.

Ppdcast 50

🎇🎆🔥Podcast 50 is Live🔥🎆🎇How to be inspired by surrounding yourself with others • Why experienced golf pros are better equipped to be good a social media than the youngsters • Ideas for both young pros and old ones on how to used social media to sharpen their skills and expand their reach.​


Lighting Tip

I don’t fancy myself a film 🎥 expert…. but I’ve learned 👨‍🏫 a few things over the last few years.​

Respect Your Gut.

It still feels weird for me to post my content in groups on Facebook because there are so many other people pushing and selling stuff in those groups.

Funny that I feel that way when I am sharing my experience and knowledge that I feel can bring people real value without asking for something in return. 

Even with that, if I am feeling like it could be seen that way…. there is a good chance people are seeing it that way. 

You don’t have to always go with your gut but you always have to listen and respect it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

I do miss daily VLOGging

I’m not sayin’ I’m going to daily 📆vlogging 📹 again…. but i do miss the creative👨🏼‍🎨process and the excitement 🎊of uploading to YouTube 📺 every day.

Data and Intuition

Often people go to data first to try to figure out what’s happening with their business or their initiatives. I more often use my intuition to arrive at a thesis and then seek our data to help me confirm or debunk that feeling. 

In this case I felt like a core group of people are listening to my podcasts but a larger and very consistent number of you are following my stories on Instagram (btw thank you all ❤️!) Would love to know why you do or don’t listen to the podcast? It would be very helpful to me. 

Good Morning 

Actually from yesterday since it is training today but the message still applies.  I hope you have a great day!

I like where the PGA is going with this. 

My boy Bob Baldassari here is wicked smart….And so is the PGA for sending him to enlighten us Tennesssee Section Pros on the Player Development and Business Development initiatives the PGA has developed to help Pros build their business and prove their value to owners and managers. I am excited to see much more of this in the future.