Your Feedback at Work Improving Episode 3

When I first started doing a lot of these videos I tried to script the whole thing out. That didn’t work because it wasn’t natural and……. because I never quite progressed passed my crippling fear of reading out loud that developed somewhere around, as long as I can remember.

Then I decided, “Let’s just wing the whole thing and I will edit out what I don’t want.” The problem is, I have a pretty amazing talent for being able to talk for minutes on end often without making a single cohesive point. The challenge in editing down content that is 90% garbage, is that you never end up with the 10% that is left making any sense.

So, for this episode I decided to break things up into points I wanted to make, so I would be sure to finish them before moving onto the next. This allowed me the freedom to make a mistake, and just start that section over without having to start at the beginning again. It also helped keep my diversions and ramblings very small. And when you only need to cut out 10% of each section, the structure doesn’t collapse.

It’s a long way from perfect, but this was a great step forward for me.

So please keep the feedback coming. It’s really helpful in not just giving me new ideas but in helping me talk though ideas with the very people I am trying to reach and impact.

I should have the episode up in the next few days so please let me know what you think. And if you like these updates from the blog, please consider signing up to get updates.