Tutorial: How Golf Professionals Can Use Instagram to Grow Lesson Business

Every PGA Professional faces the challenge of building up their lesson business at least once in their career. Some face this challenge as new Golf Professionals entering their first job, and some as experienced Golf Coaches relocating to a new area.

Here is a walkthrough of how you can use Instagram to connect with possible clients and fill your lesson book from anywhere…..even if you are stuck behind the golf shop counter.

How Golf Pros can Network on Instagram

“How Golf Professionals Can Use Instagram To Network” is my first tutorial video on helping Golf Professionals achieve their goals and increase their value in a competitive market.

Instagram is just one of the tools PGA Golf Professionals, and aspiring PGA Professionals, can use to increase their network and grow their business. It’s not a replacement for growing the game through one on one interaction, but a way to broaden our reach and strengthen our relationships with our members and customers.

In this video I show how searching “hashtags” on Instagram around areas of golf that interest you can lead to conversations, friendships and future opportunities in golf and the business of golf. I look forward to making more videos like this from your comments, questions and feedback. Let me know what you would like to see with comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more valuable videos to come.