About PGAjay

1515469838997Jay LeDuc is a PGA Professional turned Business and Digital Media Strategist, sharing his experiences with the Golf Professional community through online content and videos.

A PGA Member with nearly 20 years of experience working in golf from Cart Attendant to Director of Golf, Jay has a rare perspective and empathy for the joys and challenges of being a Golf Professional.

Always wanting to learn and innovate as a PGA Professional, Jay began exploring the opportunities to utilize Digital (Social) Media to scale positive interactions with members and customers. After searching unsuccessfully for resources specifically designed for Golf Professionals, Jay decided to work toward becoming that resource for others.

This website and the content across numerous Digital Platforms, including a podcast with over 40k plays, over 80 videos (created and edited) for YouTube and Facebook, and thousands of posts, is the documentation of that journey.

For coaching, speaking or other business inquiries please email jay@pgajay.com.

Here is where you can find me:

Instagram: instagram.com/pgajay

Podcast: iTunes / Google Music Play

Anchor: anchor.fm/pgajay

Twitter: twitter.com/PGAjayGolf

YouTube: Jay LeDuc

Facebook: facebook.com/PGAjayGolf


  1. Hi Jay,

    Love the show and have been following for the past 2 years. Myself and a 2 other friends are starting a golf podcast, but the problem is we are in 3 different states! I am a current PGA Head Pro at a club in Louisiana, one is a PGA Assistant at a club in Florida, and one is previous assistant pro that lives in Missouri. Is there anyway for us to record a podcast remotely and at the same time? Thanks for your time.




    1. Ok. So many questions but first answers for you. Anchor.fm is what i use, is free and allows you to group podcast. So easy and publishes to all channels automatically.

      Ok now for the questions for you. Where in LA? I went to Tulane like 80 years ago…so….i’m basically a local. Lol

      Thanks so much for listening for all these years too! That means so much! Keep me
      Posted jay@pgajay.com.


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