How Should Golf Professionals Use Social Media?

Well that’s a lot longer answer if I don’t know what you need it for.

Do you walk up to your students on at your first lesson and start rattling off everything they need to do to use the golf club correctly? Of course not. You get to know them, you listen, you learn, and gain some understanding of what their goals are, how long they have been playing, the status of their game. Not until you understand these things as a coach can you effectively create a plan for improvement.

It’s the same thing with social media and golf professionals. If you have spent any time working for different clubs and different pros, you know how different each one really is. Each golf professional with different goals and aspirations for their clubs, themselves and their staff. Until we understand exactly what each person is trying to accomplish we can’t provide an efficient solution.

I share more about this in this video and that will be followed by my upcoming podcast but I wanted to try to post more of these thoughts here on my site.

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