The First PGAjay Podcast Video

I’ve done videos before….I’ve done podcasts before….. but I have never done a video of a podcast before…… Until Today!

I decided to record a video of the podcast today, for a couple reasons. One, I wanted to add more content to my YouTube Channel since I have started making some VLOGs again and wanted to add some professional content. Two, I feel like it’s a little easier to discover on YouTube than podcast. While podcasts are increasingly more popular every year, YouTube is still a great place for discovery and is like the number 2 search engine online.

This content does take much much longer than just publishing the audio on the app but I think the extra effort may encourage me to spend more time to make it good.

It has also been some time since posting to my website, and I hope to update that more often with many of these posts and maybe some additional thoughts along the way.

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