In my last Podcast, I cover future changes to the PGA PGM Program, including three new career paths?

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I think that announcing the topic beforehand and getting your insights was a huge help to making this episode better. I also feel like the show had a little more structure to it and was hopefully easier to follow. It’s funny how it doesn’t seem hard to do a podcast but 61 episodes later I feel like it’s just starting to come together. And having you all be involved in it is a big help. It made me feel more confident that what I was talking about was relevant to your experiences.

I’m thinking he next one will be on how to get the most out of your experiences as an intern (or non-intern) this summer since so many of you are starting those up. So let know a little about what you are doing this summer and what you hope to get out of it personally and professionally. It will be around growth in general so it won’t be limited to just University PGM students so that everyone gets some value from it.

Thanks as always for the support everyone. It really does mean a lot and I appreciate it. 👊—PGA-Announces-New-Career-Paths-and-Education-Updates-e1dfj9

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