Data and Intuition

Often people go to data first to try to figure out what’s happening with their business or their initiatives. I more often use my intuition to arrive at a thesis and then seek our data to help me confirm or debunk that feeling. 

In this case I felt like a core group of people are listening to my podcasts but a larger and very consistent number of you are following my stories on Instagram (btw thank you all ❤️!) Would love to know why you do or don’t listen to the podcast? It would be very helpful to me. 

I like where the PGA is going with this. 

My boy Bob Baldassari here is wicked smart….And so is the PGA for sending him to enlighten us Tennesssee Section Pros on the Player Development and Business Development initiatives the PGA has developed to help Pros build their business and prove their value to owners and managers. I am excited to see much more of this in the future. 

More Golf Lesson Income With Drones

Golf instructor marketing tip. Create a golf course flyover 🚁 with you voiceover 🎙of pro tips ⛳️ on how to play each hole 🔮. With a little planning 📜behind how and where you position the video online📲,​

​ it could have a great impact. Does it work? I have no idea but follow me and find out.