What is Thirdhome.com?

It has been only 8 months since I started working at THIRDHOME and so far it has been incredible.

And since I haven’t shared much about the experience yet, I thought now would be a good time.

First, it’s a luxury home exchange club exclusively for people who own luxury vacation homes……. so that’s nice. Second, I have had the opportunity to make the job my own by taking on the onboarding of new members.  So, I basically talk to very nice people all day about their homes, their lives and where they want to travel.  And, with over 7,000 properties in 80+ countries and an average value of $2.4 million on THIRDHOME.com,  you can see why it would be fun.

In addition to talking to THIRDHOME members one on one, I have also created some online tutorials from what I have learned in these conversations.  Here is one that I made on Keyless Travel on THIRDHOME.com.

Way back when I first started (8 months ago remember) I leaned about a membership where members could travel inside of 30 Days of an available week without using Keys and only paying the exchange fee.  This may not mean much  out of context for most non-members, but it basically means that members can stay in a million $ plus home for $400 to under $1,000 for a whole week.

I have basically been obsessed with this Keyless Travel ever since. So much in fact that I made this movie on my own and didn’t tell anyone about it until it was finished.  Luckily for me I work for and with some pretty amazing people at THIRDHOME who really liked it and asked if I could do more of them.

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to using this website as a platform to keep everyone updated on the incredible growth of THIRDHOME.  If you have questions about the club, or just want to see out e-brochure to explore some of the homes and affiliate properties we have in the club, email me at Jay@thirdhome.com.

Thanks for spending a moment with me and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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