Starting to use to share my movies.

I have decided to start posting my  videos on in addition to YouTube. With the recent news of Vayner Media starting a relationship with, it seemed like a good idea to get in now.

Click to WATCH VLOG002 on Vimeo 

I have heard, that it is a much more polished (artsy for lack of a better term) level of content creation and that seems true from my initial impression. I think it will be a good resource to see what people are creating and look forward to using it.  

The only problem so far is the limit to how much you can upload each week. You can upgrade and pay each month to upload more, and I may do that, but not until I am posting enough to use the upgraded data. And this could be part of the reason the content is so good as well so maybe not a bad thing. 

Have a great new year and thanks to everyone for an incredible 2016.  Looking forward to some incredible things to come in 2017!!!!

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