No Spikes….No Problems

Finally got to play a round in my adidas tour 360 boost! Very comfortable and very stable. That’s despite the fact that my left shoe had no spikes in it because my resourceful Assistant Pro “borrowed” them when we ran out of spikes in the shop and I forgot to replace them (oops.) I didn’t actually notice until I looked at my shoe on the 10th hole, so that says someone about the comfort….or my obliviousness.  I naturally choose the comfort explanation.

Shoes didn’t quite match the outfit but it was a last minute call to sport the adidas shoes for the round. My early thought was that these would be the best shoes of 2016 and I don’t think that has changed. Some reports of some hot spots in the heel but didn’t experience this for myself. Maybe because I was rocking my superior Swiftick Socks.

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