FootJoy makes the best pants of 2016……..but these are not them.

If you are like many who find the prospect of a three hour flight or trip to the grocery store way too daunting in anything other than the comfort of their pajamas….then we may have the golf pants for you!

12800153_1171427459534296_246199653599747391_nThe FootJoy Houndstooth Pant is what my Assistant Pro Michael likes to call “fluffy pants.” It’s a highly technical term for way too much fabric in all the wrong places, especially below the knee. It’s too bad because I like the heavier weight of the pants and the design but the cut is just all wrong. Not to mention the comic length and size of the pockets ending just two inches above my knee (I am 6’1″). I even retuned them for another size thinking that was the problem but it was not. These are 34×32. The 32×34 I ordered first were way to tight in the waist and way too long.

The good news……FootJoy came out with another style of pant that is the best I have seen in years and is my new favorite. I have gotten many compliments (mostly not awkward) since wearing them and I will be reviewing those shortly. Spoiler alert, they are NOT “fluffy pants.”

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