The Coolest Shoe Ever?

Likely the best piece of footwear to come out of the 2016 PGA show had to be the adidas Tour 360 Primeknit Boost.

The Primeknit features all of the benefits of the Tour 360 Boost with the addition of a super lightweight and breathable knit upper. Now, this is a summer shoe (read: not waterproof) but with the lower areas of the shoe protected it should keep the feet dry of those dew sweepers out there.

IMG_6794While the Primeknit construction creates lightweight and breathability benefits on the performance side it also makes this one of the coolest looking shoes I have seen in years. Based on the positive reaction from those around me I was not alone on this. Primeknit has been very popular in Adidas running shoes and like so many things this year adidas nailed the transition to golf. 

Now that I got you all excited about the shoe……’s time to tell you it’s not available until June. But, with so many great release from adidas golf at the show, at least this gives us something to look forward to.

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