My Initial 2nd Generation Boosted Board Review

First impression is that it was well worth the wait for the 2nd Generation Boosted Board (6 month delays due to battery safety issues….good call Boosted Boards) and even more fun than expected. 

Even as someone who grew up bombing the San Francisco Bay Area’s Piedmont Hills as a youth, there is an adjustment to this board for sure.  Being under power is a very different experience and the Boostedboard Dual+ (most powerful available) packs some serious torque and stopping power. But after a few weeks and only one “minor” fall, I am much more confident. But even with the new sensation of being under power I was immediately surprised at just how stable the board is at its top speed of 22MPH. 

That’s about it for now as I will probably do a full review of the 2nd Generation Boosted Board in full later but wanted to share my initial thoughts. 

Late Night Edit of VLOG2 “Drones and Water”

My first test to see if I could film, edit and post a VLOG before the end of the day went very well…..well…..I didn’t get it posted…..but it as 2am when I “finished” editing so I wanted one last look today.

fullsizerenderGlad I did since there are a couple changes I want to make before I put it out.  I should have those done and up today and posted late tonight.  I wish YouTube would allow me to replace the video so that I could update it with changes. Going to upload to VIMEO as well to see how that goes as well.

Will link up the video in both places when I finish it up later.  Thanks!